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Centering Prayer / Letio Divina Bible Study

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Our Book: Right Here, Right Now by Amy Oden

First question that comes to mind from people is what is centering prayer?  To answer it simply it is silent prayer before God, but there is much more to it then this simple answer.  Centering prayer is a method of prayer that has been with Christianity since its beginning.  Jesus would often times take time to be with the God in silent prayer.  Even in early Christianity there were those who would spend their days in meditative reflection on Jesus Christ and in reading the Bible.

Our current daily life style brings about anxiety, fear, and even a state of nervousness to it.  I have found that when I spend time just listening to the Spirit of God that my day is a lot easier.  It is a gift to just sit down and listen to the Spirit of the Lord give guidance.  For those who are interested Centering Prayer is now offered as a 4 Week Study, starting Wednesday’s starting January 26, 2022 at 11:00am.  The ZOOM link is provided below as well:

Meeting ID: 890 7757 7275
Passcode: J0Wf9y
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Join The Zoebel Class on Tuesday’s

The Zobel Bible Study Group will begin an eleven week study of the book of Psalms starting Tuesday January 11th at 11:00am in the church parlor. We welcome all who wish to join us. If you cannot make it to church we also have a call in option.

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Join The All Means All Group on Tuesdays at 8pm

The All Means All group lead by Sarah Koonts will be meeting on Tuesdays at 8:00pm.  The zoom link for this Group is below.
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There will be more information about additional small groups coming soon for 2022.  Stay tuned!!!